A Stream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Happy belated holidays, all! Just wanted to post some of the recent work I've been streaming, in case anyone missed it. =)

This one's my happy little boy, Truman. Took twice as long to render because I got all weird about how I wanted to paint him up. But that's what's awesome about painting live - 1. people get to see all the mistakes that every artist makes, and 2. it forces me to not give up on a piece.

Since I've been getting a few followers every stream, I figured it was time I got one of those snazzy "following" pop-ups that all the cool kids have nowadays. But I wanted to create a unique graphic for it, so I thought to myself, "What's a clever Norman outfit for following ..." and came up with Pied Piper Norman! Not sure if clever or obscure, but whatever! Just glad to have folks that are interested enough in my scribblings that they'd like to see me make other things. =)